How Eventum Works

Get started in minutes: Sign up for your free account, personalize your event page, and commence ticket sales effortlessly. Thanks to our user-friendly event ticketing platform, simplicity is the key!

Event Ticketing Made Simple in Five Steps.

1. Sign up for a free account

Signing up for an account is quick, cost-free, and hassle-free. Simply share your contact information and event details, and you're good to go – no contracts or applications required.

2. Establish your event page and initiate ticket sales

In just minutes, craft a polished event page using our adaptable templates. Set your preferred price tiers, design a custom seating chart (if necessary), assess your payment choices, and you're all set to begin ticket sales!

3. Boost your event's visibility

Our integrated marketing tools, including email campaigns, social sharing, and tracking codes, simplify the process for any event organizer to optimize ticket sales. Moreover, our user-friendly analytics and reporting features provide enhanced sales tracking and result analysis

4. Greet your event participants

Our system simplifies the check-in procedure for both in-person and virtual events. Employ our mobile app to scan attendees on-site, facilitate on-the-spot ticket sales via your mobile device, or utilize our online event tools to control access to live streams exclusively for registered participants!

5. Receive rapid payments

After your event concludes, expect payment within a few business days. No complexities, no convoluted fee systems—just swift, straightforward payouts! And if you prefer not to wait, consider our FastPay option, enabling you to receive earnings on a weekly basis, even before your event commences

Your success is our success.

Expert resources & event management guides

Our collection of helpful resources and event planning guides can help you take your experience above and beyond! Explore tips for making the most of our tools, get the ins and outs of industry best practices, and discover new ways to increase ticket sales.

Customer support when you need it

Our self-service platform makes it easy to set up and manage events, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own! Our dedicated support team is here to field questions about ticket sales, account features, and more. Plus, we even offer assistance to ticket buyers!

Detailed reporting and insights

Your account comes equipped with a suite of automated and on-demand reporting tools designed to make your financials easier to manage. Schedule regular reports, monitor and forecast ticket sales, and track who’s coming to your next event, all from one place.

Simple pricing & payment processing

Making money has never been easier! Pass any fees along to your customers and you’ll pay nothing at all. And if your event is free, you and your customers will pay nothing! Plus, our payments come just days after your event, and even sooner if you’re approved for our FastPay option.

Comprehensive set of features suitable for any event organizer.

Sign up for a free account and effortlessly oversee your event from beginning to end using our user-friendly ticketing platform. We offer fast payouts for your online ticket sales, even prior to your event kick-off.